2011 Recital "Vacation"

Recital is upon us!!  Saturday May 21, 2011.  One thing I left out on previous post was the time of the evening performance.  Opps!  All students need to to back to the Theater no later than 6:30pm.  Deposit costumes in your dressing area before the show begins.  The performance will start at 7:00pm.  It has been a great year and I am looking forward to seeing the students experience the thrill of dancing in a live performance on stage with lighting and the audience support.  Please do all hair and makeup at home as there are no mirrors in the dressing area.  Thanks to all the students and parents for all your time and efforts.

Break a leg tonight!  I love you all,

Ms Janet

Rehearsal at The Berry Center

We will hold a rehearsal at the Theater at the Berry Center the morning of May 21st starting at 9:00am.  Students should be at the theater no later than 8:50am.  The students should wear regular dance attire to rehearsal, NO COSTUMES.  Be sure to bring dance shoes.  We will run the show in the order of the performance that evening with lighting.  This rehearsal is mandatory so mark you calendars now.  The students will see where they will be entering and exiting the stage, find the dressing areas and get a feel for the stage.  After rehearsal, the students should go home and get rested up for the show.  Hair and makeup should be done at home.  All costumes should be brought to your dressing area before the show starts and will remain there until after the show or until you leave.  NO COSTUMES ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUDIENCE AT ANY TIME!  Please do not bring food to the show.  Make sure your child eats before you come.  Water bottles are allowed in dressing rooms.

Dress Rehearsal at the Studio

The week of May 9th will be dress rehearsal week at the studio.  Each class is to bring their costumes with them on this day.  They are not to wear them to the studio, they should wear regular dance attire.  We will run each dance with the costume once during the class to make sure no adjustments are needed before the show.  Solo and trio dances should also bring their costumes to run their dances.

Recital Picture Day

Our Recital class and individual portraits will be taken on Saturday, May 7th.  Your child should have a notice with exact times for you to be at the studio for these pictures.  Purchase of these class portraits are optional, but attendance is encouraged so those wishing to purchase will have the full class in the picture.  Individual pictures will also be taken at this time in the costume of your choice.  Payment is required at the time of purchase for individuals.  Please see Ms Janet for details for individual pictures.

Summer Registration

Register Now!!  Classes start June 6, 2011.  Fun way to beat the boredom of summer days!  Great way to get and stay in shape!  Good fun, great friends!  Call today 281-955-6867