We will be taking our recital class portraits on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the studio.  Each class has a assigned time to arrive for their pictures.  Students will recieve a note in class the week of pictures.  Below is a schedule of times if you do not get home with yours:


Classes that should be here at 11:00am
1. Mon 3:30 & Tues. 5:45 Pre-Ballet
2. Wed. 6:00 Jazz, 6:30Ballet/Tap
3. Apprentice Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Opening
Classes that should be here at 12:00pm:
1. Mon. 6:30 Ballet/Tap
2. Thurs. 6:30 Ballet/Tap
3. Senior Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Opening
Classes that should be here at 1:30pm:
1. Tues. 5:00 Jazz
2. Tues. 5:45 Ballet
3. Tues. 6:30 Tap
4. Mon. 4:30 Ballet/Tap
5. Wed. 6:30 Hip-Hop
6. Mon. 8:00 Hip-Hop
7. Adult Tap

Recital rehearsal will be at The Berry Center Theater on Saturday, May 19, 2012, starting at 9 am and running until about 12:30.  All students should plan on arriving at 8:45 to get name tag and sit in audience until your number is called backstage to run your dance on the stage.  THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL, but be sure to bring you dance shoes to practice on stage.  Regular dance attire is to be worn.  It would be great if you wore your recital tee shirt :).  Little ones are free to leave after their number practices.  Finale (giant final bow), will be practiced at the end of rehearsal, so if you would like to participate in finale, you should stay.  Those participating in finale will remain on stage for awards ceremony and introductions.
Recital will start promptly at 5:00pm on Sunday, May 20, 2012.  Students should be back at the theater no later than 4:30 or 4:45, depending on when their first number is.  Please take all costumes directly to the dressing area.  NO COSTUMES ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUDIENCE AT ANY TIME!  Students should dress at the Theater but do makeup and hair at home.  All students must have a parent or guardian responsible for dressing them and stay with them in dressing area until they are lined up to go on, at which time you may find your seat.  Please sit near the back if you are going to be leaving and entering several times to dress children as to not disrupt the show for others.  We are very lucky to have a fantastic company videoing the show this year.  They will be set up in the lobby or you may order at studio before the show.  NO VIDEOTAPING IS ALLOW DURING THE PERFORMANCE for the safety of the dancers and the convenience  of audience members trying to enjoy the show.  If you are leaving to dress your child, PLEASE wait until a number finishes on stage before getting up out of you seats as to not block the view of audience members.  Also, returning only in between numbers.  If you have any questions at all, I will be more than happy to answer them, just let me know.  I know this is intimidating to families who have never done this before.  But, don't worry, we will make it though and have a fantastic time doing it!!!  Break-a-Leg,  Ms Janet :)