Recital Costume Order Days

Hello students and parents,
  We will be measuring and placing recital costume orders on Friday, Dec. 2nd and Saturday, Dec. 3rd at the Studio.  Your child should have recieved a notice in class giving a time slot for you to come get measured and pay for costumes.  In taking separate days to order costumes, we do not take class days away from you child.  If you cannot make it at the given time, make arrangments to get your child measured before these dates.  No order will be sent in without payment.  If you did not recieve your notice, please contact the studio for your fitting time. 
  If your child will not be participating in recital this year, please sign the list in the office to let us know.  Recital is optional and classes will continue as normal through April.  If your child is not participating this year, classes for your child will end at the end of April.  May will be dedicated to rehearsals, pictures and costumes.

Class Demonstration Schedule and Christmas Party:
  The week of December 12th will be dedicated to informal class demonstrations here at the studio.  Parents and loved ones are invited to watch a demonstration of some of the things our students have been working on this semester.  It is not a polished finished product like the recital will be as we work alot on technique this first half of the year, more so than routines.  After the demonstration, we will have a party with cookies and punch and music and gift exchanges.  We ask that your child bring a inexpensive wrapped gift with them.  On the card put from: "their name".  We will sit in class circles and pass our present to the next child.  That way everyone gets a gift.  If you have siblings attending, please bring a gift for them to open also.  If there are boys and girls in your childs class, please make the gift fitting for either girl or boy. 

Demonstration Week Schedule:

   Monday, December 12th Demonstration:  6:00pm
       Monday 3:30 Pre-Ballet (Ms Janet)
       Monday 4:30 Ballet/Tap (Ms Janet)
       Monday 6:30 Ballet/Tap (Ms Cassie)
       Senior Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Ms Janet)
       Monday 8:00 Hip-Hop (Ms Courtney)

  Tuesday, December 13th Demonstration:  6:30pm
       Tuesday 5:00 Jazz (Ms Janet)
       Tuesday 5:45 Ballet (Ms Adrienne)
       Tuesday 6:30 Tap (Ms Adrienne)
       Tuesday 5:45 Pre-Ballet (Ms Janet)
       Thursday 6:30 Ballet/Tap (Ms Cassie)

  Wednesday, December 14th Demonstration:  6:30
       Apprentice Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Ms Janet)
       Wednesday 6:00 Jazz (Ms Courtney)
       Wednesday 6:30 Hip-Hop (Ms Courtney)
       Wednesday 6:30 Ballet/Tap (Ms Janet)

Christmas Shows:
  The Apprentice class will be performing at Old Town Spring on Sunday, December 11th at 4:30pm.
Also, everyone is invited to perform at Village on the Park Retirement Home on Saturday, December 17th at 2:00.  Your teacher talk to your class about this. 

The Studio will be Closed for Christmas Break:
  The studio will be closed from December 19th through January 3rd.  Classes resume on Wednesday January 4th.