Recital Costume Order Days

Hello students and parents,
  We will be measuring and placing recital costume orders on Friday, Dec. 2nd and Saturday, Dec. 3rd at the Studio.  Your child should have recieved a notice in class giving a time slot for you to come get measured and pay for costumes.  In taking separate days to order costumes, we do not take class days away from you child.  If you cannot make it at the given time, make arrangments to get your child measured before these dates.  No order will be sent in without payment.  If you did not recieve your notice, please contact the studio for your fitting time. 
  If your child will not be participating in recital this year, please sign the list in the office to let us know.  Recital is optional and classes will continue as normal through April.  If your child is not participating this year, classes for your child will end at the end of April.  May will be dedicated to rehearsals, pictures and costumes.

Class Demonstration Schedule and Christmas Party:
  The week of December 12th will be dedicated to informal class demonstrations here at the studio.  Parents and loved ones are invited to watch a demonstration of some of the things our students have been working on this semester.  It is not a polished finished product like the recital will be as we work alot on technique this first half of the year, more so than routines.  After the demonstration, we will have a party with cookies and punch and music and gift exchanges.  We ask that your child bring a inexpensive wrapped gift with them.  On the card put from: "their name".  We will sit in class circles and pass our present to the next child.  That way everyone gets a gift.  If you have siblings attending, please bring a gift for them to open also.  If there are boys and girls in your childs class, please make the gift fitting for either girl or boy. 

Demonstration Week Schedule:

   Monday, December 12th Demonstration:  6:00pm
       Monday 3:30 Pre-Ballet (Ms Janet)
       Monday 4:30 Ballet/Tap (Ms Janet)
       Monday 6:30 Ballet/Tap (Ms Cassie)
       Senior Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Ms Janet)
       Monday 8:00 Hip-Hop (Ms Courtney)

  Tuesday, December 13th Demonstration:  6:30pm
       Tuesday 5:00 Jazz (Ms Janet)
       Tuesday 5:45 Ballet (Ms Adrienne)
       Tuesday 6:30 Tap (Ms Adrienne)
       Tuesday 5:45 Pre-Ballet (Ms Janet)
       Thursday 6:30 Ballet/Tap (Ms Cassie)

  Wednesday, December 14th Demonstration:  6:30
       Apprentice Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Ms Janet)
       Wednesday 6:00 Jazz (Ms Courtney)
       Wednesday 6:30 Hip-Hop (Ms Courtney)
       Wednesday 6:30 Ballet/Tap (Ms Janet)

Christmas Shows:
  The Apprentice class will be performing at Old Town Spring on Sunday, December 11th at 4:30pm.
Also, everyone is invited to perform at Village on the Park Retirement Home on Saturday, December 17th at 2:00.  Your teacher talk to your class about this. 

The Studio will be Closed for Christmas Break:
  The studio will be closed from December 19th through January 3rd.  Classes resume on Wednesday January 4th. 

Getting Started

I like to welcome all are new students this year!  It is really great to greet new faces and share our joy of Dance.  We have an awesome adult turnout this year!  Yay Dance!  Many new 3 year old dancers also.  If you are interested in Teen Jazz and Teen/Adult Hip-Hop, we still have room for you!  Give us a call to get started.  We will be gearing up for recital with costume orders in November!  If you are planning on dance this year, and would like to participate in the end of year recital, you will need to be registered and order costumes before end of November.

September is "Bring a Friend" month here at Living Lines.  All students may bring a friend to dance with them, or just watch if they do not want to dance, every class in September.  The student brought home "Bring a Friend" slips of paper that need to be filled out by the parent and brought to class to hand in to the teacher.  If you need more forms, just contact the office for more.  Bring as many friends as you would like.  Share your passion!

Classes to start.

New classes starting Monday, August 29th!  Be sure to call and get registered if you have not been in to fill out registration forms!  Can't wait to spread the joy!
Ms Janet :)

Fall Registration for our 2011-2012 Session

Hi Everyone,
  Hope the summer off has been a great one!  It's time again for gearing up for school and DANCE!  We will be holding registration Monday through Thursday, August 15th - 18th, from 3:00 to 8:00pm.  Our Recital Date for the upcoming session will be May 20, 2012 at the Berry Center Theater.  Rehearsal will be the morning of the 19th, so mark your calendars now!  The schedule is available.  Having a little difficulty getting up and running on the website, but if you call 281-955-6867, or email, we will get it to you asap!  We have missed all our students this summer and are looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new faces too!  So, hurry and don't be late, sign up NOW!

Summer Dance at Living Lines

Living Lines has classes for all ages this summer June 6 through July 18th.  Adult dance classes in tap, ballet, jazz, modern, cardio dance, and hip-hop.  Children's classes in tap, ballet , jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics and musical theater.  Private pilates sessions and dance lessons also available by appointment.  Five week Salsa lessons run continuously.  Come join the fun!

2011 Recital "Vacation"

Recital is upon us!!  Saturday May 21, 2011.  One thing I left out on previous post was the time of the evening performance.  Opps!  All students need to to back to the Theater no later than 6:30pm.  Deposit costumes in your dressing area before the show begins.  The performance will start at 7:00pm.  It has been a great year and I am looking forward to seeing the students experience the thrill of dancing in a live performance on stage with lighting and the audience support.  Please do all hair and makeup at home as there are no mirrors in the dressing area.  Thanks to all the students and parents for all your time and efforts.

Break a leg tonight!  I love you all,

Ms Janet

Rehearsal at The Berry Center

We will hold a rehearsal at the Theater at the Berry Center the morning of May 21st starting at 9:00am.  Students should be at the theater no later than 8:50am.  The students should wear regular dance attire to rehearsal, NO COSTUMES.  Be sure to bring dance shoes.  We will run the show in the order of the performance that evening with lighting.  This rehearsal is mandatory so mark you calendars now.  The students will see where they will be entering and exiting the stage, find the dressing areas and get a feel for the stage.  After rehearsal, the students should go home and get rested up for the show.  Hair and makeup should be done at home.  All costumes should be brought to your dressing area before the show starts and will remain there until after the show or until you leave.  NO COSTUMES ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUDIENCE AT ANY TIME!  Please do not bring food to the show.  Make sure your child eats before you come.  Water bottles are allowed in dressing rooms.

Dress Rehearsal at the Studio

The week of May 9th will be dress rehearsal week at the studio.  Each class is to bring their costumes with them on this day.  They are not to wear them to the studio, they should wear regular dance attire.  We will run each dance with the costume once during the class to make sure no adjustments are needed before the show.  Solo and trio dances should also bring their costumes to run their dances.

Recital Picture Day

Our Recital class and individual portraits will be taken on Saturday, May 7th.  Your child should have a notice with exact times for you to be at the studio for these pictures.  Purchase of these class portraits are optional, but attendance is encouraged so those wishing to purchase will have the full class in the picture.  Individual pictures will also be taken at this time in the costume of your choice.  Payment is required at the time of purchase for individuals.  Please see Ms Janet for details for individual pictures.

Summer Registration

Register Now!!  Classes start June 6, 2011.  Fun way to beat the boredom of summer days!  Great way to get and stay in shape!  Good fun, great friends!  Call today 281-955-6867

Summer Schedule

Our New Summer schedule is ready with classes for children and adults!  New Musical Theater class for 5-8 year olds with performance on last day for friends and family.  New Yoga for kids this summer too.  A Dance Cardio class for us ladies for a fun way to shed some winter coats.   Call us today to get more info or to register at 281-955-6867!

February News!


Three students from Living Lines participated in classes at the Dupree Dance Workshop this past weekend and had fun fun fun!!!  If you have never experienced a workshop, it is something that anyone interested in experiencing dance should attend.  I as a teacher, am very proud of Sophie Brooks, Laura Byerly and Ariana Rausch for their hard work and great attitudes in the classes.  Congratulations on your first dance workshop and I hope it is the start of many more for you. :)

  The WHOLE Months of February and March are $5 Zumba classes!!  Come join the fun, you can't beat the price!  Thursdays, 6:30 at Living Lines!

  Recital fees are due by Monday, February 28, 2011.  If paid after there is a $10 additional fee, So, don't be late.  

  A new 5 week Salsa one Class to start soon at Living Lines, Monday evenings at 7:45.  No partners necessary.  Speaking from personal experience ( I just finished taking last Session), it is VERY FUN.
  A new Salsa Two class starting soon also!  For more info, or if you are interested, call 281-955-6867 today!

First Dance Workshop for some lucky students!

February 12th and 13th some lucky Living Lines Dance students will be attending the Dupree Dance Workshop here in Houston.  They will be taking classes from teachers from all over the country each hour both Saturday and Sunday.   This is a great opportunity for these girls to see the other styles of teaching out there and see what other dancers their age are doing.  It's going to be tons of fun!!

We are full steam ahead on our recital routines in class these days, so try not to be absent if at all possible.  Of course if you are ill, please stay home and get lots of rest.  I am very proud of the dancers so far this semester as they are all working really hard in class.  It's going to be a great show!

Current Salsa Session

Our latest Salsa classes started on Monday, Jan 17th, but it's not too late to get in on the fun for one more week.  Hurry in to Living Lines to get in on the fun!  Call Living Lines 281-955-6867 or Register online thru Paypal.  More info at